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Ditch the Pain

Did you know six out of 10 teens just ignore foot pain? That's crazy! You're busy with schools, sports, and prom, so don't let foot pain slow you down. Sometimes foot pain can be caused by something as simple as the wrong size shoe. And in case you didn't know, your feet are still growing during your teen years. Whether you're dealing with blisters, athlete's foot, or ingrown toenails, you can ditch it all!

A podiatrist, the foot and ankle expert, can help. Today's podiatrists are uniquely qualified among medical professionals to treat the foot and ankle. In fact, they are the only doctors who study the foot and ankle exclusively for four years while attending podiatric medical school.

If you or a friend want to ditch foot pain and stay healthy, check out the info below! The myFEET foot health awareness campaign, created just for teens, gives YOU the tools to take control of foot pain and ditch it for good!

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